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We take pride in the ingredients we put into our products

Every one of our supplements are certified and manufactured responsibility


Non-GMO Verified
All of our product’s are tested for quality to ensure that they are totally GMO free.


Certified Vegan
Our products contain no animals, animal by-products, or chemicals tested on animals.


With a gluten-free compliance plan, we guarantee that our products are Gluten-Free.


100% Vegetarian
All of our products have are free of animal materials.

The history of our nutrition

Gino Celentano, the founder of Quality Nutrition, can tell you first hand how important it is to make healthy life choices on a daily basis. In June 2014, Gino started experiencing irregular bowel movements and abdominal pain. As a result, he did what anyone else would do – he went to the doctor. There, he got a colonoscopy and discovered an inflammation in his large intestines. But that wasn’t all. They diagnosed Gino with Ulcerative Colitis at 25 years old. From there on, he followed strict instructions from his doctor.

Gino and his doctor tried to get his condition under control. After 5 long months of recurring flare-ups, Gino hit rock bottom with a health episode that lasted for an entire month, losing 40 pounds in just 30 days. At this point, Gino made a decision to part ways with his doctor and began doing his own research. In that time, Gino discovered a holistic approach that would help him get his condition under control. After transitioning to all natural products and paying close attention to which types of food he ate, Gino was able to formulate his own natural remedies to help with Ulcerative Colitis. Consequentially, at that moment, Quality Nutrition was established.

Quality Nutrition is a line of natural products for pure health and wellness. Gino knew that in order to obtain any goals you have, you first need to be in good health. Quality Nutrition offers products that contain all the vitamins, minerals, super foods, and probiotics you need to optimize your body to live a long, successful, happy and healthy life. Quality Nutrition’s mission is to provide wellness to people all around the world, with quality nutrition, supplementation, and exercise.

Quality Nutrition Owner Gino Celentano

“At Quality Nutrition, our main goal is to provide you with quality supplements that promote optimal health and wellness”
Gino Celentano
Founder of Quality Nutrition

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