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EstroGone – Lower Estrogen


A natural formulation designed to help lower estrogen levels for better health. Made from powerful ingredients like green tea and resveratrol, EstroGone helps to lower your estrogen levels and restore balance.

As well as helping to lower estrogen, EstroGone also helps to reduce water weight and help to counter hormone imbalances. EstroGone also contains powerful ingredients that can help to prevent cancers commonly found in women, and help to prevent estrogen dominance and weight gain.

Why Take EstroGone to Lower Estrogen Levels?

Estrogen is an important hormone that helps all of our bodies function. It is often considered the female hormone, because it is produced more by women than men. For women, estrogen helps to regulate sexual development and function and helps the menstrual cycle to run properly. Men also produce estrogen, but in lower levels than women.

While estrogen is needed to help our bodies function, having too much estrogen is bad for you. Excess estrogen in men contributes to an increased risk of heart disease, prostate cancer, and enlarged breasts. In women, too much estrogen can lead to irregular periods, weight gain, difficulty sleeping, and an increased risk of developing cancers like breast and ovarian.

EstroGone helps to lower estrogen in your body naturally. Having lower estrogen levels means that you are at less risk of having developing certain cancers, are less likely to gain weight, and are less likely to experience poor sleep and memory loss.

How does EstroGone work?

EstroGone works by using natural ingredients like curcumin, bioperine, and green tea to naturally lower your estrogen levels. Each of the individual ingredients in EstroGone has been chosen for their powerful properties:

  • Green Tea: helps to detoxify your body and boost your immune system
  • Resveratrol: improves blood flow and heart health
  • Estrogen: specifically IC3 and DIM to increase the breakdown of estrogen in the body
  • Wasabi: to reduce stresses inside your body’s cells, and to help prevent tumor growth
  • Tocotrienols: powerful antioxidants that help you maintain a healthy heart

These ingredients combine to help boost your body’s functions and help it to naturally break down the estrogen that occurs in your system.

Who Should Take EstroGone?

Many of us suffer from raised estrogen levels at some point in our lives. If it isn’t treated quickly, chronically high estrogen levels can be a danger to health – so you should act fast if you suffer from raised estrogen. Signs of increased estrogen in the body include:

  • Bloating
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Development of fibroids in the breast
  • Irregular periods

By lowering estrogen, EstroGone can help to improve these symptoms and make you feel fitter and healthier.

When to Take EstroGone?

Because EstroGone is a powerful supplement, it needs to be taken with food so that it has enough time in your body to be absorbed for maximum benefit. We recommend taking 3 capsules per day with a main meal, although you must consult a healthcare professional before taking.

Reminder: Consult a doctor or healthcare professional if you are pregnant, nursing, or taking any blood-thinning medication before taking EstroGone.

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